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 Rock-A Festival - Izmir/Turkey

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PostSubject: Rock-A Festival - Izmir/Turkey   Tue 19 Jun 2012, 10:03 pm

Rock-A Festival / 3-4-5 August 2012 – Izmir/Turkey

We are starting to preparation of the festival fort he 6th time as volunteers. If you want to be a festival volunteer and participate to the working groups that will act before and during the festival, please fill the Volunteer Participation Form. So you can be informed about the meetings and events.

What is Rock-A?

Rock-A is a festival where people meet and organize each stage with voluntary principles searching for alternatives against a world without freedom and equality, which we have not created ourselves but which is imposed upon us.

Festival of solidarity

Rock-A is a festival very aware of ongoing wars of power and money, aware of the fact that nature is used and depleted as a storehouse for raw material, and that we live in a world where, on the one hand, consumption is pumped, on the other hand nuclear power stations are build telling lies about energy demands, and where the gulf of the distribution of income forces millions of people to emigrate. Therefore, Rock-A is a get-together for people standing up against all this and a place of freedom, where everyone who shares the dream of a free and equal world can make their steps towards solidarity.

Demo for an alternative way of life

Beside all this, of course, we are not only about counter deterrence. Since a unity, which cannot touch and share life, which is only restricted to being against something can never be more than a well intentioned wish.

For this reason, Rock-A goes beyond being just a festival, to being a place where we can share our struggles, fun, solidarity, our knowledge, experiences, beliefs, and feelings about life, and where we can be an example for the way of life we think of.

Of course, such a festival can only become true with the efforts of volunteers. This is why all Rock-A volunteers are organizers of the festival.

On the other side, may it be before the festival or during the festival, the activity making units are units of anti-hierarchical structure where all decisions are taken together. A converse situation would mean that Rock-A is not a “demo for an alternative way of life”.

Rock- is 6 years old!

Once again every year, we take our tents and sleeping bags and all our good wishes with us to meet at Rock-A; the festival of sharing, solidarity, having a good time, and also imagining a new world! Being Rock-A volunteers, we not only organize a festival; we carry a new world here, in our hearts. That world is growing in this minute.

Photos of previous festivals: http://rock-a.org/?page_id=672


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Rock-A Festival - Izmir/Turkey
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